Sunday, May 06, 2007

Mugabe the Martyr

"...the May issue of the New African magazine, .. amounts to nothing less than a full, unadulterated sponsorship of Robert Mugabe’s failed regime in Zimbabwe.....

In addition to the interview (with Mugabe), page after page of a ‘sponsored supplement’ (sponsored, of course, by Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Information and Publicity) paints the country’s main opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai as a violent instigator who essentially earned the beating that he received in March at the hands of Mugabe’s police force by being a puppet of the West.

Other articles take great pains to show that Mugabe actually enjoys wide-ranging support among the people of Zimbabwe. It also blames the country’s 2,200% inflation rate and 80% unemployment rate entirely on the ruthless sanctions put into place by the United Kingdom and the United States. The supplement ends with a laughable quote made by Mugabe during his address last month at a gathering that marked the twenty-seventh year of Zimbabwe’s independence where he congratulates his citizens for refusing to be “re-colonized” and, in typical Mugabe fashion, continues on to rail against the British government.There is no mention of the massive food shortages...

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