Saturday, May 12, 2007

Diaspora asks for Zuma's Mediation

Zimbabwean Civic Society Organisations have cast their support behind the sacked South African vice president Jacob Zuma, to take over in mediation efforts between rival parties in Zimbabwe...

The ruling ZANU PF has also called the MDC to accept Mugabe's legitimacy as a condition for talks which the opposition would not risk doing as that would give Mugabe all the leverage to say the MDC's claims of flawed elections were unrealistic which might see sanctions given to Mugabe and his close associates being lifted.

The call by civic society comes over a month after the Zimbabwe Action Movement called for either Zuma or Vavi to mediate the ZANU PF/MDC talks as Mbeki has proved to be a dishonest broker who favours the Zimbabwe's lifetime president.

The Zimbabwe Political Victims Association (ZIPOVA),General Secretary, Oliver Kubikwa said, his organization backed the African National Congress's deputy president, Jacob Zuma as he has proved to be a man who fight for the cause of the poor.

What Zimbabwe needs now is not a mediator with an intention of business interests or gaining a regional political mileage but someone who can pull over three quarters of Zimbabweans (about 80%) from below the poverty datum line and that can be done by Zuma as he advocates for the cause of the poor even in South Africa, added Kubikwa....

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