Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Z$ 50 000 won't buy you a valentine meal

David Braithwaite
February 14, 2007 - 2:11PM
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Lovers would need a suitcase of cash to afford a Valentine's dinner in Zimbabwe's capital Harare tonight.

One restaurant was advertising a romantic dinner for $65,000 in the local currency.

With one Australian dollar buying about 200 Zimbabwean, that's about $348 in Aussie dollars.

But with inflation running at a staggering 1600 per cent, prices are doubling every 30 days and a dollar is literally worth less than toilet paper.

The cost of living for a family rose 87 per cent from $Z245,661 in December to $Z458,986 in January, the Consumer Council of Zimbabwe told The Zimbabwean newspaper.

Economists predicted families could need $Z1 million to survive by June this year, the report said.

In one month, the cost of education rose by 262 per cent, transport 191 per cent, bread 179 per cent, clothing and footwear 119 per cent and vegetables 131 per cent, it was reported....

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