Friday, February 16, 2007

Pray Zimbabwe

PRAY ZIMBABWE is sponsoring a day of prayer for Zimbabwe on April 18, 2007.

If you believe in God, could I suggest you remember Zim in your prayers that day?

If you don't, just pray "to whom it may concern".

Actually, I'm a believer, a Catholic. But as a doc, I remember one of my teachers in medical school noting that docs are rarely pious types, but most believe that there is a reason for the things we see: both the tragedies and the miracles.

And as docs, our attitude to prayer is: It won't hurt...(but DON'T stop taking medicine. God uses docs and medicine to do his work too).

The ability of quiet believers to non violently overthrow oppressive governments is a matter of history, and not only in South Africa and with the fall of the Berlin wall.

In the Philippines, the "EDSA Revolution" also known as the "people power" revolution, was led by Cardinal Sin carrying a statue of Our Lady of Fatima. When Marcos sent his personal troops to arrest Cory, and arrest the Generals backing her, they were stopped by a million Pinoys singing hymns and praying on the main street, the EDSA.
There is an urban legend is that they were not dispersed by Marcos' thugs because a beautiful lady dressed in white appeared to them and said "don't harm my people"...Cardinal Sin was asked if this was the Virgin Mary or just a nun, and replied, well it could have been one of the nuns with me... but none of them were very good looking..

this is a joking way to say it was God's intervention either way you interpret the incident.

In Africa, too many tyrants use "witchcraft" to intimidate their people. (another word would be "voodoo", or using diabolic ceremonies to increase their power. Before Europeans laugh, I remind you that Hitler's SS performed similar ceremonies).

And the only way to overcome the diabolic is through prayer and humble obedience to God.

And again, if you are a skeptic, don't laugh, since if there is no diabolic influence, you can interpret this as people being afraid because THEY believe in a diabolic influence, and that fear can be overcome if they have God's power to do good.

So no matter what, pray for Zimbabwe.

I'll be saying my rosary for Zim on that day.

We Catholics figure Mama Mary is on the side of the poor people.

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