Monday, February 26, 2007

Protests banned in Zim for three months

Police have imposed a three-month ban on political rallies and protests in parts of Zimbabwe's capital to try to calm tensions, after recent violence.


In the rambling hour-long television interview, Mr Mugabe also criticised colleagues who have been debating when he will retire and who should replace him....

Mr Mugabe retains an iron grip after nearly 27 years in power. His supporters are preparing a large party in the central city of Gweru at the weekend to mark his birthday and have sought donations from the population.

But critics say this is a huge waste of money, when so much of the population is impoverished.

On Sunday, police used tear-gas and water cannon to prevent an opposition rally from going ahead in the Highfield township in the capital, Harare, despite a ruling by the High Court that it should be allowed....

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