Thursday, September 07, 2006

Traditional healers now can authorize days off

GOVERNMENT has given traditional healers permission to give their patients off days from work in the same manner that medical doctors do.

The Deputy Minister of Health and Child Welfare Dr Edwin Muguti made the announcement in Harare last week during the commemoration of the Fourth African Traditional Medicine Day, but made it clear that the off days should not exceed a week.

He stipulated that only traditional medical practitioners registered with the Traditional Medical Practitioners Council would be able to give patients off days.

At least 1 500 traditional medical practitioners have been registered with the council so far.

Dr Muguti said a sick person also had a right to ask their medical doctor to give them time to seek the assistance of a traditional medical practitioner if there was no improvement in their condition.

"It has become obvious that conventional medicines are not the "be all" of medicine for if they were, why else would we still have HIV, BP, asthma, all of which have no cure.

"It is important that we encourage our traditional medical practitioners and conventional doctors to work together for the benefit of our people.

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