Monday, September 18, 2006

African brain drain

Too many medical personnel from the third world migrate overseas to better paying jobs.

Of course, they could do like we do in the Philippines: Advertise Nursing schools by pointing out you can go overseas and earn money if you attend their the end result is money pouring into local economies by people sending their pay back to the Philippines...and this money pays school fees for siblings etc that enriches everyone.

Since it's too hard for many docs to pass the ECFMG to work as a doctor in the states, many Filipino docs take a nursing course and work as a nurse there...a nurse in the USA gets better pay than a doctor here or in Saudi...and in addition, if you get a green card, you can later send back money and import half your family to the USA like my husband did...

In Saudi, you will never be more than an outsider with few rights...

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