Sunday, September 03, 2006

Churches hire security firms

in a significant about-turn from this established religious ethos, churches have of late become a strong clientele for most security companies as they are now investing more to counter criminals whose activities know no bounds.

In the wake of a series of thefts and break-ins that rocked most church premises in recent years, church authorities and congregations have now resorted to engaging established security firms to protect their places of worship.

While society has regarded church buildings as sacred, consecrated and open to all seeking salvation, elements with a criminal streak have lately capitalised on this to carry out their nefarious activities without arousing suspicion and the least likelihood of detection.

In the past, members of the congregation would only go to their churches for services as most of them did not have any valuable assets on the premises.

With modernisation, most churches are now technologically advanced and now possess valuable assets and accessories such as computers, printers, laptops, Internet facilities, music instruments and even vehicles.

However, those with criminal minds observed that churches were lax on security matters.

This resulted in an upsurge of theft and break-ins at most churches, some of them involving thieves masquerading as worshippers.

Even personal items like handbags and cellphones have disappeared while genuine worshippers are closing their eyes in deep prayer. Cars parked in churchyards have not been spared either...

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