Monday, May 15, 2006

Company discovers you can talk over the internet

....She said most companies did not fully utilise their data bandwidth. This unused bandwidth could be used for telephone calls. Companies paid a fixed charge for their data telecommunications, which would remain fixed no matter how much it was used for data transmissions and VoIP voice telephone calls.

“Voice over Internet Protocol’s biggest advantage is that it lowers telephone charges. The cost of bandwidth for the transmission of data is fixed and does not change with usage, as compared to telephone calls that are variable as there are charges for every call,” she said.
Because there were no charges for individual telephone calls using VoIP, the savings in telephone calls were considerable. Existing infrastructure, such as handsets and PABXs could still be used with VoIP. The only outlay was the initial one for the VoIP hardware.
Research had shown that the cost of the initial VoIP outlay could be recovered in saved telephone charges within as little as two months for some companies, with the longest period for such recovery being no more than 10 months....

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