Wednesday, May 31, 2006

abstinence in Zim to prevent HIV

...I would say my behaviour is also influenced by my religion - I'm a Christian.

I don't tend to go to bars too much because my dad does not like me to go out and drink beer.

I live with him and he's so strict and full of the Holy Spirit - he'd know if I got up to any mischief, that's the problem.

Right now so many people are HIV in Zimbabwe.

A lot are dying and I just don't want to see myself dying like that.

My aunt died of Aids last December.

Once you've got Aids and people know about it, you die of stress, because most people begin to leave you alone and ignore you.

It's not a completely taboo subject; I do talk about HIV and condoms with some of my brothers, for example.

I'm not sure if sexual attitudes are changing altogether, but I tell you around the streets of Harare you will see lots of used condoms on the ground.


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