Tuesday, May 09, 2006

48 arrested over Mugabe portrait vandalism

FORTY-EIGHT student leaders from universities and tertiary institutions around the country were arrested and detained after they allegedly vandalised President Robert Mugabe's portrait, The Standard has learnt.

Other students were also arrested for allegedly calling Mugabe's official portrait a "poster".

The arrests came in the wake of the Zimbabwe National Students Union's congress held in Harare last week, Harare lawyer, Alec Mu-chadehama, yesterday said the 48 students were arrested on Friday and all but 10 were still detained at Rhodesville Police Station by last night.....

Mkwananzi said: "Congress delegates resolved to remove Mugabe's portrait because they were convinced that he had lost the 2002 Presidential election and holding the meeting in the presence of his portrait would have been a form of legitimising his loss."

He said after some of the students brought down Mugabe's portrait, "some colleagues went the extra mile in their discontent and removed Mugabe's portrait from the frame."

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