Saturday, January 21, 2006

Zim Government reform plans

The government has turned its attention to the production of fertilizer. Goodbye to fertilizer. It will now join the long list of products procured or produced by the government that are unobtainable on the open market.

First it was fuel. The government took over the procurement of fuel from oil companies years ago, simply because it was an easy way to bolster the (Swiss) bank accounts of Zanu (PF) heavies.

No sooner had they done so than the country was hit by a major shortage – a situation that has never been successfully resolved.

Then they turned their attention to land – and we know the result of that. Recently the government announced plans to force commercial banks to lend money to newly-resettled farmers, despite the fact that its own land bank nearly collapsed when politicians interfered with its lending policies.

Now, it is the turn of fertilizer, one of the beleaguered agricultural industry's most vital inputs.

This hare-brained scheme to mug the shareholders of the fertilizer industry is just another step in the Mugabe regime's doomed ideological economic "reform" that can only lead the country into further chaos and misery.

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