Saturday, January 07, 2006

mortality in Dem Republic of the Congo

LANCET report

The greatest humanitarian disaster since World war II...

What does Mugabe have to do with it?


After the assassination of President Laurent-Désiré Kabila in January 2001, his son Joseph Kabila assumed power. He has taken steps towards peace and reconciliation. MONUC will supervise the withdrawal and disengagement of the rebel forces. With an area the size of Western Europe, covered by dense tropical forest, the DRC poses a great challenge to the UN. Rich resources also fuel conflict. In April 2001, a UN panel of experts investigated the illegal exploitation of diamonds, cobalt, coltan, gold and other lucrative resources in the DRC. The report accused Rwanda, Uganda and Zimbabwe of systematically exploiting Congolese resources and recommended the Security Council impose sanctions.


Although the latest report shows no Zim troops there...LINK

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