Monday, December 05, 2005

Zim's women empowered


Zimbabwe takes lead in women’s empowerment

By Priscilla Nyahwema

ZANU-PF has taken a lead in empowering women in southern Africa and the recent Senatorial election results where 31 percent of the Senate is women, who made it to the Upper House, has been hailed as a landmark victory for democracy.
The women in Zimbabwe have proven themselves and have helped in achieving the Millennium Development Goals on gender equality and the inclusion of women in all levels of decision-making structures of governance.,,,.

Yup....those wonderful "Goals" that are absolutely meaningless....

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andnyahwema said...

mugabe is so great women have benefited to a larger extend as from 2001 up to now.many thought it was a campaigning tool but now those believed him at first are enjoying and good luck to all women in zimbabwe.

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