Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Now they can't even afford funerals


"We, black Zimbabweans do not believe in cremating our departed ones. Burning the bodies of dead relatives is simply not an option"
Harare - There is simply no respite for Harare's long suffering residents. While the cost of living was already beyond the reach of many in the capital - thanks to six years of unprecedented economic recession - the cost of dying is set to surge beyond the reach of many families, according to the city's financial plan for 2006.
It is the new burial charges that many in Harare's teeming low-income suburbs say are not only unaffordable but also show the city commission's insensitivity to the plight of bereaved families. Or to use the words of Oscar Mubaya, a resident of the capital's Kuwadzana suburb: "These new charges mean that dying is now a luxury only the rich can afford. How do the city fathers think we will cope with these new charges? Surely, it is anti-people to come up with such a budget whose effect extends even to the dead."

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