Thursday, December 22, 2005

Mugabe sends Englund, the UN, a nasty letter


I often joke that like in the movie TEAM AMERICA, the UN will send Mugabe a nasty letter if he doesn't go along with their demands...

Well, here is a nasty letter Mugabe sends to the UN...

The government had expected Egeland’s visit to result in the shredding of the Anna Tibaijuka report, with Egeland having found out the real truth; like the fact that Zimbabwe is able to feed and shelter its own.
This is a proud nation and, besides, “Zimbabweans are not tent people”.

But Egeland met victims and aid workers and concluded that there was a worsening humanitarian situation in the country, winning himself the same badge reserved for all critics of the policies of President Mugabe’s administration.
He is now only the latest in a long line of Tony Blair stooges seeking to overthrow a government of the people.

So, if Annan does come, and if like his two envoys he refuses to be led up the garden path and chooses instead to see the real squalor that has thrived under ZANU PF, how “British” will he be when he inevitably states the obvious — that thousands are without homes in Zimbabwe?
Who would ZANU PF then call upon to discredit his report, as Egeland had been supposed to do with respect to Tibaijuka’s findings?
How would ZANU PF react if Annan took it a step further and turned the heat up a notch by prodding debate in the UN on Zimbabwe? Would it then be 2003 all over again, when President Mugabe said: “I refuse to join a club that won’t take me in as a member” and quit the “British” Commonwealth?

That decision was made after another revolutionary fire-and-brimstone speech at the Masvingo ZANU PF conference, and that is what that conference is still remembered for.
So why can’t the Umzingwane conference be equally remembered for another revolutionary decision in defence of the country’s territorial integrity, and not for weird statistics and ratios like the number of beasts and wildlife consumed per delegate?

ZANU PF obviously feels Zimbabwe no longer has anything more to lose, and any further international isolation by socking it to Annan would not damage anything that is not already broken.
In fact, even if Zimbabwe thumbed its nose at the UN and decided to become a hermit state living on the fringes of the world, it wouldn’t be anything new.

It is clear from the Umzingwane conference that ZANU PF has made a decision to stop wasting any more energy doing what every other country is doing — trying to run economies that work for their people.

Clearly, ZANU PF feels its energy is best devoted to finding Neverland, Peter Pan’s mythical land where people never grow up — an isolated land perched so high up in the sky that the whole world can no longer visit, especially Annan and his pesky envoys.

Hmmm...Neverland? Gee, what a good see, "Neverland" is Michael Jackson's ranch...

Mugabe should "offer" the persecuted Jackson asylum...

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