Friday, May 21, 2010

Zimbabwe winemaker

Nahanda Radio has an article on Tariro Masayiti

Two of the three official World Cup wines, have been created by Masayiti and all three limited edition World Cup wines come from the estate where he works in South Africa, Nederburg. Masayiti told SW Radio Africa on Wednesday that he’s responsible for making the Sauvignon Blanc and Dry Rose. The other was the responsibility of a colleague at Nederburg.,,

But how did the Bachelor of Science graduate from the University of Zimbabwe end up in this unique profession?

‘It was by accident really. My brother used to work at a farm close to the Mukuyu wineries in Marondera. During my days at the University he recommended I do general work at the winery as I needed pocket money and something to help my family with.

‘It was here that I got interested in winemaking...
After four years at Stellenbosch, he also made history by becoming the first black student to graduate in Viticulture and Oenology....

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