Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Screw the HIV patients: promote PC "gender equality" and "family planning" instead

The NYTimes has an article about the deterioration of the HIV treatment programs in Africa.

The reason? Obama hijacked the program to please the population folks:

Donors have decided that is too much, that more lives can be saved by concentrating on child-killers like stillbirth, pneumonia, diarrhea, malaria, measles and tetanus. Cures for those killers, like antibiotics, mosquito nets, rehydration salts, water filters, shots and deworming pills, cost $1 to $10.

Under its new Global Health Initiative, the Obama administration has announced plans to shift its focus to mother-and-child health. The AIDS budget was increased by only 2 percent

Translation: they'll divert the efficient NGO run HIV funds to local clinics and organizations, which of course will allow lots of the money to be diverted to the pockets of local politicians etc.

I agree that these things are the best cost effective way to save lives, but the point of specialty clinics is to treat one disease that would be neglected: That is why when I was in Africa we had "eye" clinics, TB clinics, Malnutrition clinics, Immunization clinics, and prenatal clinics...often getting different funds for each project, which was run by a different person. This allowed these specialty diseases to be treated, while allowing ordinary things to be treated by local clinics etc.

Of course, the reason local clinics are so bad in the first place is this corruption, that diverts needed supplies and drugs elsewhere, leaving a clinics without medicine or equipment.

But this isn't the only problem: Obama is part of the "abortion/homosexuality/promiscuity/anti family policies that are so beloved of the western elite.

So now, PEPFAR will promote western ideas of "gender equality" instead of HIV medicine., not to mention that they will be "non judgemental" in promoting prostitution and working with organizations whose aim is to promote abortion.

Even the complaint that docs were being hired away from local clinics is false:

The new Partnership Frameworks emphasise the role of host country governments in ensuring an effective and sustainable response to the epidemic.37 Matias Gomez, Global Fund Fund Portfolio Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean, highlights the positive impact that this change in PEPFAR's focus could have on human resources for health.38 A 2008 study in Zambia showed that perks gained from working on PEPFAR supported programmes (such as higher salaries, paid overtime, and training opportunities) combined with limited incentives to remain in the public sector (particularly the lack of opportunities for career progression) leads to an "internal brain drain" in which government workers leave their jobs to work for PEPFAR implementing organisations, creating critical shortages in the public sector.39 Greater investment and coordination with host country governments could help to address the 'brain drain' effect.

Many doctors and nurses, faced with the choice of poorly paid understaffed and lacking medicine in government clinics would prefer to stay and work for PEPFAR or other efficient programs to make a difference to their people while supporting their families, but the alternative would not be working at the inadequate clinics, it would be emmigration...

so the NYTimes article is accurate, but deliberatly underplays that President Obama, despite his African roots, is essentially cutting a lifesaving program to follow the leftist elite ideas that are so foreign to Africa and which in the long run are merely another neocolonialist plot to remake Africa as an inferior copy of the west, with all the elitist policies that destroyed western families destroying the cultural ethos and African traditions along the way.

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