Monday, November 30, 2009

Zim airplane crashed in China

The crash was reported in the news here in Asia, and it made me wonder...then today, there were reports that some Americans were killed in the crash.

it was going to to Kyrgyzstan...???? both US and Russia have military bases there and there is a lot of smuggling to there, including heroin, but that usually goes across the border.
Wall Street Journal
Article has more:

Avient, whose Web site says it was founded in 1993, has drawn scrutiny in the past because of accusations that it has supplied weapons to conflicts in Africa. A United Nations report in 2002 said Avient had been involved in illegal actitivies in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The British government later investigated the charges but didn't find evidence supporting them. The company has since been accused of other illicit activities by think-tanks that investigate conflicts around the world.

Mr. Clarke at Avient denied all accusations against the company. "We do not carry arms and ammunition," he said...

The rest of the article is about the aircraft involved, which is a tricky plane to fly, and why.

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