Monday, November 23, 2009

China-Zim farming

from the Herald.

"There are indeed ongoing negotiations for contract farming arrangements in the agricultural sector. The greatest impact of Chinese involvement in Zimbabwe has been in the agricultural sector, which as you know is the backbone of the economy," he said....

Apart from the support in agriculture, China has also supported the countriy's mining and manufacturing sectors with the China-Africa Development Fund acquiring shareholdings in Zimasco and uranium joint ventures with the Zimbabwe Mining Development Company.

Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr Xin Shunkang, yesterday said they had provided at least US$300 million to the country in the past three years and urged the strengthening of ties between the two countries....

Hmmm....wonder how much will actually get to help the people of Zimbabwe?

Here in the Philippines, a multimillion dollar "Chinese broad band" contract fell through after a whistle blower thought that a 40
percent kick back was just too high...(the usual kick back/bribe here in the philippines is 20 percent of a contract going to politicians)

Of course, none of the money went to our lovely president (but her husband was probably involved)

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