Sunday, September 27, 2009

Illegal mines

fromthe sunday Mail.
Go to article and read since I don't have time to the previous article, the government is trying to steal these mines from those who own them but are not using them, but illegal mining destroys the environment, encourages crime, and is dangerous to those doing the work.


A visit to the Midlands last week revealed that more than 300 illegal gold panners were mining gold freely in the Camperdown mines in Shurugwi.
Irked by the influx of the illegal panners, police in Shurugwi wrote to the chief mining commissioner informing him of the situation.
“The mine (name supplied) ceased operations in October 2008 and this has resulted in areas such as Camperdown being infested by illegal gold panners numbering around 200 at any given time,” reads part of the letter written by the police to the chief mining commissioner.
Concerns were also raised that the more than 30 kilogrammes of gold that the panners were getting per month from the claims was being sold on the black market with the Government getting nothing.

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