Thursday, July 02, 2009

Makoni's new Party

from SWRadio Africa

...Former Finance Minister Dr Simba Makoni on Wednesday slammed political corruption and greed during the official transformation of his Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn (MKD) movement into a political party.

A strong contingent of diplomats, media representatives and activists from MKD gathered for the official launch in Mbare, under the theme: ‘Real Change.’ The theme was decided as an ironic spin-off from the MDC’s campaign slogan - ‘Change you can trust,’ which the new MKD says is a promise that the MDC has not delivered on.

At Wednesday’s launch, Dr Makoni criticised the unity government for ushering in ‘fake change,’ while ‘bickering for vehicles’ and fighting internally for power and jobs. He accused the government of not taking the interests of the people to heart, but insisted that MKD was prepared to assist the government if it proves otherwise....

Ex ZANU-PF Finance minister Makoni is now starting his own breakaway party. He is slamming corruption, but has been accused of corruption in the past.

If you believe the Wikipedia post, the "corruption" was about a measley $25 000....which either means he was caught in some minor shennanigans (to small to count and so is incompetent), or he was so incompetent that he is only stealing small amounts of money, or that he is smart enough to steal without getting caught (competent and corrupt). Or maybe the guy is honest and the others lied about him.

the Wikipedia post also says Mutambara backs him...

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