Sunday, May 04, 2008

Thugs shut down churches

from the zim standard

It said the Assembles of God church in Dola in Bubi District was closed down as its resident pastor fled after being tortured by Zanu PF supporters on suspicion he was an MDC sympathiser.

A CIB official, Josephat Amuli, said the pastor, now being treated at a secret location, was still "too traumatised" to be interviewed.

"It is a cause of great concern that one church in the Inyathi area that falls under the Bubi constituency has been forced to close down," Amuli said. "This is an infringement of our constitutional right to freedom of worship./....

Last week, the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe (EFZ), the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops' Conference (ZCBC) and the Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC) issued a statement calling for international intervention to end the political violence.

They said people were being "abducted, tortured and humiliated", and forced to "attend mass meetings where they are told they voted for the 'wrong' candidate" and in some cases murdered.

"Organised violence perpetrated against individuals, families and communities, who are accused of campaigning or voting for the 'wrong' political party, has been unleashed throughout the country," the churches said in a statement....

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