Friday, May 23, 2008

Three million Zim in SA, why not have them vote

I am getting emails from Zim democratic activists, and they are discussing if they could bus people home from South Africa to vote.

Imagine if you manage to transport 1 million Zimbos to Zim for election!! Only 1.3 million voted in the last election- don't you think it will make a big difference?

Ok let's bring down the number to 300,000 or even 100,000 people. Won't the number be big enough to get us some effect!

Ironically, Pinoys who work overseas can vote here, and of course as a US Citizen, my husband and I can vote in the US. (returning workers, known as Balikbayan, are considered dual citizens). So why can't Zim allow absentee ballots?

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euthymic said...

hi, i'm not commenting on this, but on your other blog which doesn't have a place for comments. it's the one where you write about all the fiestas and things, and how faith in the Philippines has evolved, including the protestants and charismatics. i appreciate the interesting way by which you link all these things together. i'm filipino but i grew up overseas and you have clarified a number of things for me.

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