Thursday, August 23, 2007

time to push the politics of engagement

In fact the consensus or solidarity displayed at this summit gave birth to a new regional power bloc that seems geared to take on the West. The fact that the report on the negotiating process being spearheaded by Thabo Mbeki placed some of the blame of Zimbabwe's woes on the doorstep of the UK government confirms my assertion that a regional power bloc geared to take on the west has been birthed.
In the bigger scheme of things, where does this leave opposition politics in Zimbabwe? Well, I think it is time for the opposition to call a spade a spade and realise that there is two sides to every story. We are all familiar with events and agreements at Lancaster, the willing-seller-willing-buyer agreement and the gentlemen's agreement to have Whitehall finance the land redistribution exercise.
The fact that Whitehall proceeded to breach this contract by reneging from it meant that Zimbabwe was equally not bound by the contract. These are basic tenets of contract law.
Let's go back to the opposition parties and evaluate how they fit into this equation. The politics of the opposition in Zimbabwe, beginning as far back as Tekere's ZUM, Dumbutschena's FORUM and to Tsvangirai's MDC have all had one thing in common. The all pursued the politics of confrontation and the opposition today assisted by various civic organisations still pursues the politics of confrontation.
Zimbabweans now needs more than ever to adapt the politics of engagement. Clarion calls are sounding far and wide to the effect that only 'Zimbabweans can solve their own problems". Failure by us Zimbabweans to embrace the politics of engagement will see us sinking deeper and deeper into the abyss.
Why engagement one might ask? Firstly it is important for Zimbabweans to first and foremost realise that before we are Zanu PF or MDC members, we are Zimbabweans. As Zimbabweans, we need to start talking to one another with no hidden agendas. We need to embrace a new culture that despises double standards. We need to begin our engagement premised on the fact that we are the masters of our destiny and our destiny includes building a better Zimbabwe.....

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