Sunday, August 19, 2007

Give us a break please and go...


As the crisis deepens, the philosophy of Mugabe's bankrupt regime is increasingly becoming more frozen. Their thinking is polarised and paranoid, with dangerous emotional overtones and anxiety. Frankly speaking, Mugabe's tunnel vision won't take us anywhere.

Desperate Zimbabweans are now flocking into neighbouring countries to buy food -- including the staple mealie-meal, beef and salt -- in a bid to fend off hunger. Clear conditions of a man-made famine -- are now developing in Zimbabwe.

Famines are usually the product of drought, crop failure and pestilence, and man-made causes such as war or misguided economic policies.

In Zimbabwe the problem is clearly man-made. Leadership and policy failures have caused the food shortages and suffering....

While Zimbabwe is not facing famine, conditions for mass starvation are there. The country has no food in the shops, let alone grain reserves. The World Food Programme says a quarter of the population needs food aid. We are now relying on food handouts from poor countries such as Malawi and Zambia and buying goods from prospering neighbours such as South Africa. This is what is largely keeping us going...."

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