Monday, July 23, 2007

Zim exiles call for assistance to Zim refugees

Exactly what should South Africa do with the thousands of Zimbabwean refugees flooding into that country? This has suddenly become an urgent issue for the South African authorities who have been accused of doing nothing to accommodate them. But the recent price reductions forced on businesses in Zimbabwe by government have worsened shortages and closed shops, causing a dramatic increase in the numbers crossing over illegally into South Africa. A policy of arresting and deporting those who are caught is all that has existed so far. Within days many of those deported try their luck again, all at a huge cost to the government of South Africa.
The Zimbabwe Exiles Forum...director Gabriel Shumba said camps would stigmatise Zimbabweans through segregation and restrict their right to freedom of movement. He explained that camps would also create opportunities for human rights abuses as they would turn into glorified detention centres. Shumba added that he feared camps would pose many risks, including the outbreak of epidemics.

The trade unions are planning to help however...

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