Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Demonstrators in Bulawayo protest shortages

Zimbabwe women's group and male counterpart demonstrated Monday in Bulawayo, the country's second-largest city, against the widespread and acute shortage of food and other essential goods following a government move to roll back prices.

More than 200 members of Women of Zimbabwe Arise, and its male consort, Men of Zimbabwe Arise, staged peaceful protests at multiple locations in the city.

WOZA members demonstrated in 10 areas in high-density suburbs, targeting local shops and businesses and demanding “affordable food on the shelves and an end to selling to cronies and the uniformed forces out the back door." Police have been reported to have imposed price cuts then cleaned out available stocks....


Elsewhere, four National Constitutional Assembly activists arrested in Mutare late last week for protesting to demand a new constitution were released Monday on Z$3.5 million bail each.They are charged with demonstrating without permission.

NCA members hospitalized in Harare after alleged police beatings were released on Saturday. Madhuku said police who had sealed off the civic group’s offices in the capital last week, arresting scores, had dispersed by Sunday

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