Thursday, April 19, 2007

Why some people support Mugabe

...It is true that there is chaos in Zimbabwe but what is never mentioned is how officials are benefiting from the chaos.

Mugabe’s rule has been manna from heaven for his officials, those in the security services and those reporters and editors of state newspapers that is Herald, Chronicle, Sundaymail, Sunday news and ZBC both radio and TV. ...

As we speak the Zimbabwean dollar is trading at $16000 to the US$. This is in the ‘unofficial’ markets. In the official market however the US$ is selling at 1US$ for Z$250.

Only very powerful connected people have access to this source of foreign currency. That is why Harare is awash with the latest vehicle models despite the fact that hospitals have no drugs.

Using their power officials are making a killing by re trading their US$ in the black market. That explains why Zimbabwean ministers are able to buy seaside mansions, send their kids to the best schools abroad despite the economic problems....

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