Saturday, April 07, 2007

An example of Mugabe's propaganda machine

Peter Mavunga

THE British government and Western media campaign against Zimbabwe is notable for its rabid bias; what is said or written has no concern for the truth or balance, that is getting the other side's point of view. It has a single-minded pre-occupation with demonising Zimbabwe and propping up the opposition, especially Morgan Tsvangirai, well above his station.

All this is at variance with the age-old notion of British fair play, if ever it existed. When I was studying journalism in London, my tutor was at pains to emphasise that there were always two sides to a story and the views of both sides ought to be reported....

Ah, there are indeed two, if not more sides to a story.
But calling names and twisting the truth has a different name: Deception. Lies.
And Satan, the Father of lies, is also the father of violence.

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