Friday, June 16, 2006

Mugabe claims foreign interests trying to overthrow him

(SomaliNet) Zimbabwe's ruling body has revealed that there is an international effort to overthrow the current government of Zimbabwe. It warned that he is ready to protect the government of Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe’s president in case anything like that happens.

"Having failed completely and repeatedly to topple the strong government of President Mugabe either by the ballot box at elections that are held regularly, or by acts of sabotaging the national economy, they are now resorting to the last card, a military coup," Zimbabwe’s ruling party leader Shamuyarira said.

Zimbabwe’s accusing finger is pointed at ICG, in Brussels

As I have noted earlier, most Western governments want Mugabe removed, but don't want a civil war or anarchy to replace him.
Alas, given the number of educated fleeing the country and the economic collapse, Mugabe staying on will only increase the threat of chaos when he dies or gets thrown out of office...

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