Saturday, June 10, 2006

Crisis of leadership in Zim churches

"...I have been following the work of the church in Zimbabwe particularly during the liberation struggle. Its role was to defend the weak and save them from oppression and suppression.

No wonder then people like Robert Mugabe got their education from mission schools. It was because the missionaries were there to save the poor and develop them. Their main aim was to equip the meek so they could face the wicked. The church leaders of that era were there to lead the flock and shepherd it to the land of honey and milk.

But what does it mean for the church when you see a secretary general of a massive organisation such as the Zimbabwe Council of Churches praying for Mugabe and saying they support his efforts and his style of leadership? Is it not spitting in the face of the congregation? Is it not the same as what Judas did to Jesus?...
But that does not necessarily mean that all church leaders are like that. We have the likes of Pius Ncube, Bishop Manhanga, Bishop Kadenge, Pastor Motsi and others whom I cannot mention due to limited space. These church leaders through initiatives like the Zimbabwe National Pastors Conference (ZNPC), Churches in Manicaland etc are making a difference showing their flock the right direction and denouncing evil. They fear no man but God. Any man who wants to put himself above God is not good for the world....

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