Friday, November 04, 2005

UN "misled" on Zimbabwe


'....Charamba said the UN had been influenced by recent reports from the BBC on Zimbabwe."What has prompted the statement, which purported to be coming from Mr Annan, is a documentary aired by BBC's [South Africa-based correspondent] Hilary Andersson," he said."Comrade Charamba said Mr Annan cannot rely on the BBC as a bona fide media organisation to speak on Zimbabwe because Zimbabwe and Britain has a diplomatic war emanating from the land question," the Herald added.In his statement, Annan also expressed dismay over the government's refusal of UN offers of temporary shelter to the displaced.The statement from Annan's office insisted that a "large number of vulnerable groups, including the recent evictees as well as other vulnerable populations, remain in need of immediate humanitarian assistance, including shelter".

But Charamba told the Herald the government does not want temporary shelters."If the UN and donors are keen to assist in augmenting government efforts, they should assist in constructing permanent structures and not temporary structures," he said.The government has promised to build tens of thousands of new houses over the next few years. But the ambitious programme is being hampered by reported shortages of cash and building materials....'

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