Monday, November 21, 2005


There has been a lot of scattered reports of anthrax in Zim, mainly in animals or skin anthrax...

The link is to an Angolan press story about some deaths.

Masvingo`s provincial veterinary officer for the province, Charity Sibanda, said six districts in her area had been hit by the anthrax outbreak, which authorities were failing to bring under control due to lack of vaccines. The three deceased persons are suspected to have eaten infected meat. Masvingo and several other provinces in Zimbabwe have repeatedly suffered from anthrax and foot and mouth, affecting the country`s beef exports.

LINK is to the CDC site about Gastrointestinal Anthrax, which you get by eating contaminated meat....I've never seen a case (anthrax spores cause occassional outbreaks in rural USA) but after seeing the photos, I suspect that most cases in the US would be treated by a dumb GP with an antibiotic and cured and not diagnosed...(most Anthrax is sensitive to penicillin and to cipro)...

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