Thursday, December 02, 2010

Sorry for lack of posts

I've been busy and by the time I get around to reading and posting on this blog, I'm so depressed that I quit bloggin.

Zimbabwe is getting worse, but not on the news.

Here are the headlines from today's SWRadioAfrica:

News stories for Wednesday 01 December

MDC activist dies after ZANU PF and police assaults
The MDC reported Tuesday that Augustine Mahute, a party activist from Matapi Flats in Mbare Harare, died on Saturday night from injuries received in police custody. The MDC said Mahute had first been attacked by ZANU PF youths and then by the police officers at Matapi Station, where the youths had taken him by force.

CIO agent abducts six teachers in Rushinga
The Progressive Teachers Union has expressed concern over the whereabouts of six teachers, thought to have been abducted by a state security agent in Rushinga Wednesday. Only last Friday a labour court ordered that Julius Mawarire, Tinashe Mavurayi, Talent Muchakazi, Angela Zanza, Silibaziso Mawire and Maphios Chisora should be reinstated at Gwangwava Primary School…

Standard editor arrested as media clampdown intensifies
The editor of the weekly Standard newspaper, who handed himself over to police this week, was officially arrested Tuesday and formally charged, as the clampdown on the media continues to intensify. Police had tried to arrest Nevanji Madanhire on Monday, but the editor wasn’t at his offices and went into hiding.

Jabulani Sibanda terrorizing Lowveld, threatening death to MDC
Jabulani Sibanda, the violent ZANU PF thug and chairman of the National War Vet Association, is reported to be in the Lowveld area, terrorizing villagers and threatening death to anyone who supports the MDC.

Mugabe allies back lifting of sanctions at EU summit
Allies of Robert Mugabe have used a European Union (EU) summit in Libya to lobby on the dictator’s behalf, for the lifting of Western targeted sanctions in place against the regime.

ZUJ President deplores crackdown on journalists
The President of the Zimbabwe Union of Journalists (ZUJ),

Than there is the Zimbabwe Mail (which I read via email).

The funniest stories are about how Wikileaks revealed that Mbeki was backing Mugabe in all those peace talks.


then there is this from BusinessDay:

Leaked diplomatic notes posted on WikiLeaks this week quoted Ms Nkoana-Mashabane as calling Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe "a crazy old man" .

If true, the comments are likely to harden Mr Mugabe’s attitude towards accepting SA’s advice on change in his country.

presumably saying the "Emperor has no clothes" is not allowed....

Primedia (eyewitness news) is more worried about the wikileaks will put Zimbabwean lives at stake.

Actually, the real "damage" will be stuff everyone knows: That Mugabe is crazy, that Mbeki helped him shaft Tsvangirai, and that the west thought Tsvangirai was honest but not forceful enough.

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