Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hundreds at WOZA protest

from SWRadioAfrica

About 700 WOZA members marched through the capital city on Saturday to the offices of the state’s mouthpiece newspaper, the Herald, handing out Valentine cards, red roses and abbreviated copies of WOZA’s report on the state of democracy in Zimbabwe to thrilled passers-by. Six protests started separately and converged on the offices of the Herald. The peaceful demonstrators sang as they marched, handing out roses and Valentine’s cards to eager Saturday shoppers who rushed forward to accept the gifts. At the Herald offices, the peaceful protestors chanted slogans for a few minutes before leaving a copy of the report, a Valentine rose and a WOZA scarf at the door, then dispersed without incident.

Then on Monday, WOZA members re-enacted the scene in Bulawayo where close to a thousand peaceful protestors marched on the offices of the Chronicle newspaper. Five protests started separately and made their way through the city, singing and handing out roses and cards to the public in Bulawayo, many of whom then proceeded to join in the demonstration. WOZA leader Jenni Williams explained how people rushed out of shops and offices to join in the excitement, saying there was a ‘carnival’ atmosphere.

Songs sung by the peaceful protestors included: “We want to expose this delay in writing our constitution, which will delay our getting our social justice”; “we don’t want the Kariba Draft” and “we need a Bill of Rights that respects us - send us around the country to consult on the constitution, as WOZA respects people.”.....

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