Monday, October 05, 2009

Trying to divert HIV funds for their own priorities

BBC today laments that HIV is "diverting" money from other priorities.

Bunch of nonsense of course. The "clinic next door" lacks equipment but can pay the salary of a physician? Why doesn't the government hire a medical assistant who can do deliveries and give IV and WHO rehydration fluid, and use the difference in salaries to buy supplies? And why are there no supplies (or shall I say: who stole the supplies?)

Then there is the lament: spend the money on safe drinking water.
This was made by a Euroweenie. Fine. Let their own country fund that project...nope, it's easier to criticize someone else.

What this all is about is population control, of course. Look at this: BBC complaining
The UN's special envoy on fighting Aids in Africa has accused the United States of endangering the gains Uganda has made in containing the disease.

Stephen Lewis told the BBC that Uganda - under pressure from Washington - was putting greater emphasis on abstinence to tackle the disease than condoms.

of course, if you bother to read the end of the article, Uganda is spending a lot of money on condoms too...the abstinence emphasis of course means that churches and mosques will cooperate with prevention.

and here is more: Obama will divert HIV funding to population control
Wood said that although President Bush's global health programs -- such as the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief -- have brought more HIV/AIDS treatment to developing countries than under any other president, spending requirements for abstinence-only education have hampered family planning and the prevention of sexually transmitted infections worldwide.

They are trying to push this on the Philippines: Sex is fine but use a condom...the low HIV rate here will of course baloon as teenagers are encouraged to have premarital sex, of course.

Our barangay chapel just buried a teenager who died at age sixteen of heavy vaginal bleeding from "cancer"...I suspect since she was away from school she was seduced and had an illegal abortion, and died from it.
The PC will say: She should have used a condom (but she probably did...they don't work well in the US for teenagers, so they probably don't work here either).
The real problem: A culture (MTV and US movies) that push promiscuous sex as the norm, and no one to support her when she suffers from her deeds...and of course the guy got off scott free.

I have argued many times that you have to use a person's culture to promote public health.

You don't teach American sex education (give your 15 year old daughter a condom) to pious Muslim/Christian girls, and you don't try to teach sexual abstinence to prostitutes who have no other way to make a living.

But teaching doesn't work when the airways are polluted with promiscuity.

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