Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mugabe's final throes

A Boston Globe editorial...
full of wishful thinking and naivite

AFTER STRIKING a power-sharing agreement with the opposition earlier this year, Zimbabwe's 85-year-old President Robert Mugabe and his thuggish cronies made a clumsy attempt this week to get around it. Mugabe's intent became obvious on Tuesday, when a judge revoked bail and ordered the re-arrest of 18 human rights and opposition activists who are facing trial on patently bogus charges of seeking to overthrow Mugabe and his kleptocratic colleagues.,,,

as an article cited below shows, the judge had no choice...the government reinstated the charge which did not allow the judge to go against the charges and the bail came because Mugabe intervened.

Human-rights groups such as Amnesty International acted as conscience of the international community when the revocation of bail was first announced....

Right. Big white brother was listened to, as if they had clout in all the previous human rights violations.

Equally forthright was the South African Municipal Workers Union, which implored the South African government to "condemn this chronic abuse of state power."

Ah, snobbish Boston Globe finally sees that good Africans are trying to get rid of Mugabe. Of course, the trade unions have been on the forefront of this, but it's nice to see someone recognizing it.

South Africa as well as other democracies should be no less forceful in demanding that Mugabe relinquish power peacefully.

Yes, if you guys all stand up and send him a nice letter saying pretty please with sugar on it, I'm sure Mugabe will resign.

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Anonymous said...

You have written it brilliantly! It is a timely post. I hope the situation gets better.

This is Joshua from Israeli Uncensored News

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