Thursday, February 12, 2009

Indian investments overseas

December 2008 from Indian Brand Equity Foundation
via GeostrategyBlog

Most of the news about overseas investments is about China, but India also has a growing economy...the article is long, and only one African investment noted, but remember, unlike China (who hate foreigners, and look down on whites and blacks as inferior) India has had merchants in Africa for over a century...many have left, but many still work there, including new immigrants...

...According to the latest UNCTAD's World Investment Report 2007 (WIR '07), India’s outward foreign direct investment (FDI) was the second highest at US$ 20.4 billion after Brazil at US$ 28 billion. Significantly, while China's outward FDI rose by 32 per cent, to US$ 16 billion in 2006, India's outward FDI went up by almost four times....

* Pharma major, Lupin, has bought a majority stake in Pharma Dynamics (PD), which is the sixth largest generic drug company in South Africa. Though the amount of the deal was not revealed, sources said deal amounted to about US$ 24 million. Earlier, Lupin Limited had acquired over 30 per cent stake in Generic Health Pty Ltd of Australia, after acquiring Hormosan Pharma, a Germany-based company and Kyowa Pharmaceuticals, a Japanese firm, in 2007...

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