Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Solciers' mutiny?

from Bloggernews:

The Institute for War and Peace Reporting – an excellent source of information in troubled areas of the world – reported “Soldiers’ protests rock Harare” on Saturday last week. According to Chipo Sithole, Zimbabwe analysts are predicting that the protests from soldiers normally used to keep Mugabe’s opposition in check will force Mugabe to accept a deal with opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

The soldiers have certainly been causing havoc on the capital’s streets, but Mugabe is not reacting as if there was any threat to his monstrous grip on the long suffering people of Zimbabwe.

Another commentator suggests Mugabe is merely up to another of his old tricks and wants to use rioting soldiers and battles between soldiers and policemen in the streets of Harare to convince his neighbors’ that a planned declaration of a State of Emergency is justified. Under the draconian military law of a Zimbabwean State of Emergency, Mugabe and his old terrorist henchmen will be able to “legitimately” rule by decree. All civilian laws, such as they are, will be suspended and Military Law will prevail. What remains of the opposition can be silenced and dissidents murdered by soldiers acting under the orders of Mugabe’s men. This is the how Denford Magora sees things on his blog page.... it would be well in line with Mugabe’s long term track record of promising compromise while tightening his grip. ...

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