Monday, January 21, 2008

Power outage all over Zimbabwe


Electricity has been restored to parts of Zimbabwe after a major blackout on Saturday night, reports say.

The blackout affected the capital, Harare, as well as the city of Bulawayo, and smaller towns including Mutare, Victoria Falls and Kariba.

Mains water pressure dropped, mobile phone connections were erratic and newspapers were not published.....

Zimbabwe imports much of its electricity from neighbouring countries, but as the economic crisis has worsened, there's been a shortage of foreign currency with which to pay for supplies.



We have reports of a country wide power black out across Zimbabwe. As from 5:30pm Saturday there has been no electricity. There are rumors that this could be related to the failed talks process with Thabo Mbeki. At the time being it is not possible to contact anyone in ZImbabwe on the telephone, either mobiles or land lines.

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