Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mugabe's cronies plot his downfall

From theUK Telegraph

Ibbo Mandaza, a leading Zanu-PF member, has provided an unprecedented insight into the party's current infighting, revealing the extent of the discontent with Mr Mugabe, 83, who has ruled since 1980.

"Right now 99 per cent of the country wants Mugabe to retire peacefully and enable Zimbabwe to move into a new era," he told The Daily Telegraph during an interview in Harare. "That's a fact and that goes across the political spectrum.

"Zanu-PF has been reduced to the figurehead of one person and very far from what it stood for originally.

"I think those saying Mugabe should stay on are lying. If he was to retire tomorrow Zanu-PF would win a landslide," said Mr Mandaza, who is also executive director of the Sapes Trust think-tank.///

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