Monday, November 13, 2006

US elections a lesson for Mugabe

"....To love power is natural, but because of the love of the nation more than individuals, there is harmony in defeat and progress in succession of another political party into government.

I watched with amazement the Canadian government change from Liberals to Conservatives overnight, so to speak, in 2005.

Coming from a country and continent where life is lost because of winning elections over a pre-colonial political party in power, it’s almost taboo to see responsive political behaviour so peaceful and mature.

When a national House of Assembly begin to voice discontent with a government, in western democracies or mature democracies rather, the days of a seating government are numbered unless they perform extra ordinarily well. The term performing extra ordinarily well, would imply to an extent where the electorate would be the judges in a situation....

In congratulating the Americans for running their system with utter most care and achieving results, we must as Africans remind ourselves that political plurality is no more an alien concept but a reality we can scarcely dispense with. It is as natural as building a house without a roof and debating of whether the roof need be asbestos or grass thatched, which is the logistics of wealth and poverty, without however changing the need for a roof.

Free, fair, election is a requisite for Zimbabwe government change

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