Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Outcry over opposition MP sexist remarks

Mubhawu stated that: “It is against God's principles that men and women are equal”. He went on to say that the Domestic Violence Bill should look at the way women dress, because “some of the dressing by women is too inviting.”...

Political commentator Professor Stanford Mukasa wrote in an email; “Mr. Timothy Mubhawu’s comments, if he indeed was correctly quoted, were completely sexist, unfair to women, uncalled for and way out of line. We should all express our great indignation on this and call upon Mr. Mubhawu to withdraw them and apologize to women.”

Professor Mukasa said women are playing a leadership role in the struggle for democracy in Zimbabwe. And they are doing so under a male dominated culture that represses women.

He said the MDC offers the people of Zimbabwe a new hope for a Zimbabwe that is free of sexism, tribalism, ethnicity, exploitation and violation of basic human rights. ...

What is really amusing about all of this is that the traditional dress of the Mashona woman was...a leather apron.

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