Friday, September 02, 2005

Totalitarianism anyone?

Publius Pundit notes that Mugabe's destruction of law and human rights continues at a faster pace than he predicted...

Basically, this is the first step in the long (or short, maybe) process of demolishing any opposition Mugabe has in the country.

In his Marxist policy of land seizures, he has been mostly hung up by challenges to the actions by white farmers who were evicted from their farms several years ago. This constitutional amendment would effectively allow Mugabe to seize the land without any judicial process whatsoever. Those who have their cases in court will lose, and those whose land will now be seized might as well leave the country and forget about it.

Well, they would, if the other constitutional amendment didn’t restrict travel....

And Zimpundit also laments what is going on:

...In a matter of hours, when Mugabe signs his assent making the bill law, Zimbabweans will not be allowed to travel freely if they are deemed a "threat to national security." We also won't be able to own the country's best land nor seek legal recourse to fight the government's annexation of said land. Effectively, government will assume control of 100% of the lives of Zimbos within the country.

But this is nothing new to the people of Zimbabwe; life and all it entailments have always been the domain of the party. They control what people can hear and see in the media. They control what people need to learn and what knowledge is. They control the market forces and hence the prices of exchange of all goods. The state controls free speech. They control what one can wear and where one can live. They also have a monopoly on the "undisclosed illness" diagnosis for those among them who succumb to death. In sum, there is no aspect of life in Zimbabwe protected from the controlling hands of ZANU-PF....


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