Saturday, April 17, 2021

Terrorism in Mozambique

 StrategyPage discusses the ISIS like Islamic terrorism in Mozambique, that attacked an oil facility.


several notes: They came from the outside via Tanzania, so are not locals.

The oil facility is bringing in money, but the problem is that they brought in outside help, since such facilities require skilled workers, and locals can't do the job. So there is a resentment against them. 
There are some jobs for locals, but of course they went to the friends and relatives of the local big shots. So as in Nigeria, corruption means local resentment, which facilitates terrorism.

The local anger at the new natural resource bonanza is a common phenomenon in Africa, where most nations with oil or natural gas or any valuable exportable raw material see most of the export income stolen by corrupt politicians. This is the rule, not the exception in Africa. Big promises were made to nearby inhabitants, but governments crippled by corruption fail to deliver the promised benefits. Add the fact that Mozambique’s minority Moslem population is concentrated in the north, to provide the Islamic terrorists with recruits and some local support and you have potential problem. This can create a classic long-term problem sustained by fanatic Islamic terrorists.

this time it's the muslim terrorist vs the French and local corrupt officials etc. 

read the whole article, which relates the sad history of Mozambique and it's many wars... and the Russian/communist history for good or evil is mentioned.

One hopes Biden will not decide to get involved, since this should be Europe's sphere of influence.

And not just Europe:

the Chinese are aware that they could face similar attacks in countries where they have similar facilities... they even have their own Rambo type propaganda film that ends with the promise that China will defend their people no matter what. Heh. in the film he rescues all those Chinese working in a local factory... you mean no locals working/ Well never mind.  But you see the potential problem. Neocolonialism: only skilled workers can develop resources, but locals are not skilled, and the money goes to the corrupt local politicians, a good way to get a war started.

And the reason Angola had so many Cuban soldiers in the olden days was to let the government, run by a minority tribe, get all that lovely loot. And then there is Nigeria....sigh.


Saturday, March 20, 2021

Sttarting the covid shots

 Reuters article says that Zimbabwe is getting the vaccine from China India, and Russia

the chinese vaccine gives 50 percent protection but China is giving it to a lot of poor countries to push their image of the savior country.

Ironically, the Russian Sputnik vaccine works: It is based on the old fashioned adenovirus type vaccine and reviewed in the British medical literature as being 90 percent effective.

the Indian vaccine is less tested and relies on the old fashioned technology of using an inactivated virus. more info on it's Wikipedia page.

the article says that less than 2000 people have died from Covid, which is a low number given the many other diseases there killing people, for example a large HIV positive population.

Alas, I haven't heard from my friend there in two years: And she never picked up the last two wire money I sent her, so I can't get a first hand report on what is going on.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

and now they canceled Australis

The tech companies are blocking mainstream conservative stories, no problem.

But now facebook is saying they will block any news from Australia.
Something to do with their copyright law.  

And Australia investigating them under anti trust laws.

And they are going after google too.

Last month, China tried to bully Australia into submission and lost.

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Fertilizer? We don't need no stikin' fertilizer

 that is sarcasm and refers to this meme

in recent years, the Chinese have moved to Africa in search of mineral resources and farmland. 

In Zimbabwe, they took advantage of the self righteous "sanctions" against Mugabe, who "stole" the farm land of the white farmers (who of course had stolen their farm lands a couple of decades ago from the local Africans). But China ignored the sanctions, and was not above giving gifts to move in.

I am ambivalent about Chinese investment: They are neocolonialists when it comes to exploiting the mines (so Chinese exploitation instead of European exploitation) and their shops sell cheap Chinese goods that make local factories uncompetitive (something we see here in the Philippines).

 But China is helping the agricultural sector by introducing modern high yield methods (fertilizer, "green" hybrids and GM hybrids and working with farmers who own their own land, 

and yes, Bill Gates is helping supply the much needed fertilizer in some areas.

this goes against the meme of the powerful "organic" ecology movement. of course who see traditional practices as sustainable and pollution free (just ignore the kids dying of kwashiorkor).

The modern "green revolution" hybrids (that required fertilizer) and especially now the even more productive GM seeds have been discouraged by some governments in Africa, because of powerful NGO's and church groups that believe in the myth that change is bad, and primitive farming methods and tribal customs should not be changed.

NatGeo on China who now has pollution problems (but hey they are feeding their people). But when it comes to Africa, note that one lady scientists said they can't afford it.

“Africa cannot afford massive amounts of fertilizer,” says Sieglinde Snapp, a crop scientist at Michigan State University. A more sustainable approach, she says, is greater reliance on nitrogen-fixing plants.
Summary: Fertilizer? we don't need no stinkin fertilizer. (pun).

as for the Chinese takeover/looting of Africa's mineral resources: This is from StrategyPage:

February 3, 2021: China has continued to expand its dominant control of African raw materials. Currently Chinese firms control about 70 percent of Congo’s mineral deposits and mining industry. Chinese state-owned firms own most of this, which includes substantial portions of the global supplies of copper and cobalt. Since 2012 Chinese companies have invested at least $12 billion in Congolese mineral assets.
Some of those billions go to enrich Congolese officials who make possible Chinese ownership and protect it from local or foreign interference. The eagerness to gain control of so much cobalt is driven by Chinese plans to become the major producer of electric vehicles. Congo is the world’s biggest cobalt producer, each year producing between 55 percent or 65 percent of the world’s total cobalt. 
Chinese companies control around 40 percent of Congo’s cobalt deposits and means of extraction. Cobalt is critical as a stabilizer in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. It takes about ten kg (22 pounds) of cobalt to manufacture an electric car battery. China is committed to producing electric vehicles (EVs) of all types.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Nigerian massacres

GetReligionblog discusses the many sources of the killing of mainly Christian peoples: by the Islamic militants and the tribal conflicts between the Muslim cattle herders and the Christian farmers.

Of course, both these terrorist groups kill fellow Muslims, but not so much.

The press coverage is spotty of course.


But of course they left out the terror by southern "terrorists" who mainly are Christian and object to the oil wealth being siphoned off.

And I'm old enough to remember when the mainly Christian Biafiran tribe sought to seceed and were literally destroyed by the government forces (estimated 2 million killed by famine) (rumor: with the help of the western companies that wanted their oil wealth). This is worse than it seemed since the tribe was also highly educated. Ironically, the best coverage of this was by the Irish, since many local missionaries were from that country.

Monday, August 10, 2020

Rwanda: Big brother?

Global voices, a site that publishes independent bloggers, has a report about how Rwanda is monitoring all their citizens.

a story complicated by their history of the massive slaughter during their civil war, and the impressive rebuilding of the country.

I have no expertise here so advise you just to read the story.

Sunday, July 26, 2020

covid in Zimbabwe

An article in Global voices (independent bloggers) on Covid in Zimbabwe, and the protests against corruption (stealing money meant to go to the folks suffering from the virus).

and AlJ has an article on the crack down on dissenters.

Chin'ono is accused of inciting public violence. He denies the allegations and says journalism is being criminalised.
He has written articles alleging corruption in multimillion-dollar deals to combat coronavirus that have been awarded to powerful individuals close to the government.
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