Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Africa's coming religious wars

TPMBarnett has a link to a Wall Street Journal article on why we now see clashes between Muslims and Christians in Africa.

Oil money has funded extremist madrassas, or religious schools, to propagate a stripped-down, one-size-fits all ideology precisely suited for pollination across impoverished regions such as Somalia, Yemen, Nigeria, the Pakistani-Afghan border and the like. With money and threats, this international extremist franchise has targeted peaceful Muslim lands where the faith had blended with local customs or become more cosmopolitan through contact with other cultures. Places, in other words, where Islam had lost its aggression and exclusivity.
Today, radicalized imams from the outside infiltrate such places and rebuke the natives for their superstitions and weakness, their relaxed and idolatrous ways. Few can resist the irruption of money and guns legitimized by a virulent Quranic rhetoric, however pious they may be.
We see the same thing here in the Philippines, where Al Jezeerah is boosting propaganda about the MILF and their search for a Moro "homeland" that ignores both the locals who were displaced by the Moros not that long back in history, and the influx of northern Tagalog farmers in the last 60 years who were settled on open land or who now run businesses there.

One of the problems of this type of oil money funded Islam is that it teaches Islam, but not skills that can be used to get a job. So the Christians who get schooled end up getting rich.

Hopefully, Chinese investment will build an infrastructure that will discourage the nut cases from Saudi money, and as Barnett points out, the US Army will be doing their thing in keeping track of the crazies.

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